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Jeff has been creating music professionally since 2010 and has been involved in many projects. Exploring piano at young age, Jeff continued to push boundaries in learning other instruments like guitar, drums, singing, etc. His most notable project was with an Ottawa based band called Little Stella. Jeff played keyboard, guitar, and sang backup for the band and got the opportunity to play a lot of shows (including Ottawa Folkfest), tour, attend conferences, and record 2 professional EP’s. Now, Jeff is currently working as a freelance artist on different projects within the ottawa music scene.


Our Portfolio

Click below to download my updated portfolio including past and current projects.

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Lay It Down @ Loretta!

Our Services


Looking to take that next step as a band or solo artist ? Stop in for a day and get a live performance video with professional live off the floor audio for a very affordable price. We offer a 2-3 camera shoot with professional gear aimed to get you noticed by Labels, Management, and Grant Judges. Big space to deck out how you see fit and a product in the end that looks and sounds great but doesn't break the bank. 

Keep it Simple

Doing things properly, quickly and on a budget by not overcomplicating things with bells and whistles. Email me through the “Contact” page with details of your project for a quote.



Customize the Space!

From that natural light minimalist look to fog machines and lasers. Do whatever you like with the space to express yourself artistically.




Just Hit Record!

Have you always wanted to record your talent but couldn’t afford a big studio budget? We do anything from voiceover work to full band multitrack recording.




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